m is for may day

we made more straw flowers this year…but encouraged adding as many blooms per straw as they liked.

may day straw flowers - 13

before we could make the flowers, we had to get our straws ready.  we had a big box of wrapped straws that had to be unwrapped…and we made it a game of “get mr. rob.”

may day straw flowers - 05

may day straw flowers - 04

may day straw flowers - 03

may day straw flowers - 02

may day straw flowers - 01

then with flowers cut, holes punched and straws unwrapped, flowers were made.

may day straw flowers - 06

may day straw flowers - 07

may day straw flowers - 08

may day straw flowers - 09

may day straw flowers - 12

happy may day!

may day straw flowers - 10

4 thoughts on “m is for may day

  1. I love the straws and paper flowers. I’ll definitely use this.

    Your commitment to letting the children experiment in their work is a continued inspiration.


  2. I really like this idea. I think I will try it, and maybe cut a few different shapes. I saw this with fabric and pipe cleaners, but I actually like the paper and straws better.


  3. I always love to look at your posts, I am a pre-k teacher and I love how you have open-ended activites…..that’s what I do as well! Such cute kids!


  4. I always loved blowing the wrappers off straws in restaurants, but it seems like they don’t work any more. Every time I try it there’s already a hole in the wrapper. How sanitary is that? You must have got your hands on the last good box. Lucky!



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