w is for work time

when i refer to “work time” this means what others call “free time” or “play time” or “center time.”  preschoolers have the room at their disposal to find something to do.  this little guy had several things going at once:

may day flower carrying, ball tossing and play-doh pizza serving (all while he came to the kitchen for a drink).

4 thoughts on “w is for work time

  1. I have been thinking about using the term “work time” for the same reason you do – because a child’s play is their work. We call our morning and afternoon gatherings “meetings”, and I had a child last year who ws so proud of that, she assumed that her father did the same thing when he talked about his meetings at work.


  2. It is a bit sad that we have to call it work time now when what we mean is time for children to make choices and to play because we know that is how they learn. Even free choice seems to raise a red flag. I do love seeing pictures of how kids draw so many pieces together when they “work”!


    1. you know, i think of it as my own way of proclaiming that a child’s work is PLAY! it is important, worthy and to be honored. they should have freedom to do things at their own pace, make choices along the way, determine outcomes…to play is their work, i agree!!!


  3. Hello,

    I apologize for contacting you through your comments.
    I am writing a post for Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedoh site on DIY art supplies for kids, and would like to use one of your photos that I found via Flickr. Here is a link to the pic:
    homemade chalk...
    Would you kindly give permission?
    All the best,
    Erin Orr



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