t is for traditional

sometimes i worry that i haven’t “prepared children for kindergarten” enough.  in my gut i know i’ve done my best.  i know i’ve filled them up with love and promises that they are good (think “good” with a capital G).  but i hope that they enter the kindergarten classroom equipped with the skills to find the transition easy.

when i see pictures like this, i am hopeful.  hopeful that some of the traditional school skills have been honed.

the direction was to “find a partner.”  they did.

the direction was to “line up.”  they did.

onward, little ones, onward.  you’ve got this.

6 thoughts on “t is for traditional

  1. I first came to your preschool site to get ideas for my grandkids… but have found along the way other important life learnings that you have taught. If it worked for me to realize what you have been doing, I KNOW it worked for those young minds – and hearts – that were in your charge.

    Looks to me like you were a very successful guide. Yep!

    Although I have no grandkids here in town or in your class… thank you for shaping the future generation with GOOD direction. :)


  2. As a former public school teacher I would say that these two things alone are quite rare in the kindergarten classes I would see as a music teacher. Good job! Kelly


  3. From what I’ve observed, your kids have learned to think, explore, and experiment. They have learned to work together and solve problems. How could they now be ready for kindergarten?

    Thanks for all the hard work you do to help preschoolers. It is truly a gift that impacts the future.



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