p is for (group) painting

big painting

we wanted each child to have a large letter to hold up during our end of the year celebration.  this letter would be the first letter of their first name (we call it their “golden letter”).



my initial plan was for children to paint within the outline of their letter, but then i realized how flimsy they would be…blah blah blah…so we just painted over the letter outlines and i cut letters from the dried paper and mounted them on mat board.


paint time

the process of painting a massive paper is pretty satisfying.  holding up your golden letter during the alphabet song is fun too.


(thank you, annie’s mom, for the photo and wonderful sentiments)

One thought on “p is for (group) painting

  1. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful inspiration you have given me. As a senior about to graduate with a degree in early childhood education, I have continually come to this site as an undergrad for ideas that spark my creativity! You are my role model, honestly!

    Look for something in the mail soon from me! It’s the least I can do!
    “Whoever welcomes a little child in My name, welcomes Me” -Matthew 18:5



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