p is for pioneer heat and light (fire!)

fire was made even more amazing this week when we discussed the necessity of it for heat, cooking and light.

fire building

we practiced our fire making skills after collecting our own twigs.

fire sticks


then we enjoyed a real campfire.

fire for real


families joined us for the last part of the last day.  i hear the fire ring was still smoking.  it was a delightful way to end our week.

3 thoughts on “p is for pioneer heat and light (fire!)

  1. Love all these photos and posts. So fun to look back at the great environment and learning moments you created at KM. Thanks for sharing your preschool magic!


  2. WHEW! I thought I had lost your blog forever. I could not remember the name but I found it from a list of favorite blogs on Teach Preschool. So happy to find your wonderful blog again!!!!!!



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