w is for (made up) words

i’d never done this activity before….maybe because i had never been given a stack of letter stickers (the kind used for mailboxes, etc).

the kids were encouraged to put the letter stickers in a row to make up a word and we would read them at circle time.  i didn’t realize there were number and symbol stickers along with the letters, but that only made the words even more silly.

this would be a simple way to demonstrate the function of vowels.  one little girl realized that when she put an “o” between other letters, it sounded like a “real word.”  way to go!  though it wasn’t our focus, some kids knew words already and had fun adding those to their papers.

i don’t know who had more fun:  the kids listening to the made up words or us teachers trying to pronounce them.

3 thoughts on “w is for (made up) words

  1. I did the same kind of activity with the children using an old typewriter. They couldn’t wait for us to read their papers!



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