p is for painted house

what i love about this kind of project is that it is strictly PROCESS oriented.

there was no guarantee that one person’s paint marks would stay untouched.  there were no divisions made on who could paint where.  there was the announcement that the next classes would be allowed to add more paint.

there were no complaints, just layers and layers of paint added.  thanks, meg, for the house. : )

5 thoughts on “p is for painted house

  1. Lovely!
    When I was a preschooler, one of my favorite things to do was to “paint the house.”. My grandmother would send us outside with a coffee can filled with water and a tiny bit of food coloring, an old paint brush and let us work for hours. Also very process focused, and super fun. Time to do it with my own littles too.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful house. I have one just like it, ready for painting.



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