p is for picnic

surely there is time for a picnic…way back when style all wrapped up in a cloth of your own.

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note: this activity was done during a week long camp
called “way back when…” for 4 & 5 year olds at our local museum.

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during our week of exploring life way back when, we ate snack on bandanas and called them our “picnic cloths.”

picnic cloths

the first day children chose a bandana and we wrote their names on them.

there was a place in our “classroom” to hang them when they weren’t in use.

our snacks for the week were related to our themes:

on transportation day we ate wagon wheels and horse food (honeycomb cereal and carrots)

picnic cloths

on homes day we ate big and small logs (pretzels).

on clothing day we ate washtubs and fabric squares (individual applesauces and saltines).

there was also quite bit of creativity expressed during our relaxed snack times:

picnic clothspicnic clothspicnic cloths

picnic clothspicnic clothspicnic cloths

picnic cloths

it sure was funny to go home and tell families we ate logs, wagon wheels, horse food, wash tubs and fabric squares. hee hee hee.

picnic cloths

it was wonderful to be graced with beautiful weather for outdoor picnics 3 days of the week…but our inside picnic worked just fine.

inside snack day

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