o is for orientation

what a crazy night it was.


“deer caught in headlights” is the expression that can be seen on a lot of faces.  i get it. it was crowded and hot and loud.


i struggle with wanting to gather my preschoolers in and close the rest of the world out but wanting their families with us too.  i opt for the latter.  many of these preschoolers aren’t ready to separate and that moment will come soon enough.


so we talk a little louder, fan ourselves with a stack of papers, make funny faces, act bored, try to figure out what we’re supposed to do next, and wait for the quiet of the school day to arrive.


thank you, families, for being there!

One thought on “o is for orientation

  1. oh yes- the regularity of the classroom routine is soooo much better :) but so nice to involve families as well! Thanks for the info. on the poster- just ordered one for my classroom!



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