a is for apple VS b is for ball

given the holidays and extra no school days, i decided to merge A week and B week.  so we have “apples and balls” week.  we’re comparing and contrasting the two, we’re tasting apples and bouncing balls.

apple snack

we’re starting each day with journals set out on the table.  some preschoolers choose to do them right away, some wait until we call them over right before circle time.  my thought today was that children could color their favorite kind of apple.  i set out red, yellow and green crayons.  silly me, i forgot blue.  good thing i had three friends who claim blue apples as their favorite remind me.

apple journal

“ball” stickers and predrawn balls to either follow the line or fill in.

ball in journal - 2

ball in journal - 1

we’re borrowing some big exercise balls for group activities intended to help learn each other’s names (tricky when most of the preschoolers are new to our school!).  “i roll the ball to ethan!”  “i roll the ball to abby!”

big balls

for show and tell during the next 2 weeks preschoolers can bring apples or balls.  then we sort them and add the results to an all school graph.  we do show and tell every day with no expectation that children bring something.

show and tell

balls VS apples

apples vs balls

oh, the anticipation is growing…which will have the highest column?

circle time view

p.s.  even though we don’t incorporate computer games or videos into our program, i use the computer to show interested kids our letter of the week on starfall.  it’s become a cozy part of the day when we turn the lights off and watch together.  some letters have interactive parts that i either demonstrate or skip. check it out.

5 thoughts on “a is for apple VS b is for ball

  1. Oh, I wish I’d read this earlier. I have a ball rolling *song* for learning names that I could have shared. I used it with my kindergarteners at the start of every school year in music class! Kelly


  2. Starfall is the only type of computer game we use too, there is NO TV or electronic games at our house (preschool)
    Thanks again for sharing your awesome ideas!
    Have a blessed week!



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