g is for ghost

around halloween time at preschool we “pretend” to be scared a lot. it’s kind of therapeutic even for me. so let me tell you….oooooooo, when these ghosts hang in the tree they look spoooooooooooooky.


we started this project time with a bit of conversation based on the question:  what do you know about ghosts?

they aren’t real.
they are only in movies and books.
they can fly in the air and in trees.
they are invisible or white.
they are not the same as spirits.
they are made up by people.
there is a holy ghost.
dogs will bark if they see one.
they aren’t mean.
they won’t hurt you.
they are like angels.
they are scaaaaaaaaaaary.
they say “boo!”
they aren’t mean, their job is to be spooky.

after clarifying those points, we made some.



with a slightly clear trash bag, balled up paper towel and a bit of masking tape, we had some ghosts that really flew. this was a great activity for using up some energy!  outside the wind caught them.  inside we made a G target to aim for.


p.s. another thing that might seem scary is that grown up in red clothes and blue hair. it might have been me…or mr rob.


(more on THIS to come)

One thought on “g is for ghost

  1. I love your pictures, activities and everything. i am a teacher in the process of starting my own preschool and I am always looking for great ideas. Your preschool is amzingly fun.



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