h is for halloween-preschool style

besides dressing up, what else did we do in honor of halloween?

well, we encouraged and modeled scaaaaaary drawings.


:: :: :: :: ::

we kept our costumes on no matter how warm it got.


:: :: :: :: ::

we finished the “guess who” poster and added color to it.


:: :: :: :: ::


we passed green goo  (corn syrup, food coloring and googly eyes in a sealed baggie) around as our “talking stick.”  i think this was a serious conversation based on the question:  will you go trick or treating?

:: :: :: :: :: ::

we practiced trick or treating in our classroom (using the attached sunday school rooms as a “neighbor’s house”).  mr rob and i took turns being the mom or dad and being the neighbor.  with lights turned off, we stayed on the pretend sidewalk, knocked on the door, waited for the neighbor to answer, said “trick or treat” and then said “thank you.” whew!




:: :: :: :: ::

and the grand finale of the week was using teacher tom’s pumpkin poem and scaring the parents during pick up time.


Halloween is coming
And this is what I’ll do
I’ll hide behind this pumpkin face
And then I’ll say, BOO!


a great way to end a great week!




3 thoughts on “h is for halloween-preschool style

  1. Abram walked through the door from preschool that day and promptly recited Teacher Tom’s Pumpkin Poem. I about fell off my chair – to give a good reaction to his “BOO!” and because I couldn’t believe he memorized that little poem in one morning. I just can’t get enough of that last photo. Look how happy he is!!



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