c is for handmade calendar

when my dry erase calendar was drawn on with permanent marker and i couldn’t find the post it notes i wanted, i made a calendar for november.  the children had a great time coloring.  we talked more about the days of the week, the varying numbers of days in months, etc. than we usually do.  i should do it more often.


5 thoughts on “c is for handmade calendar

  1. Cute calendar! But if you’d like to be able to use your dry erase one again, try rubbing a dry erase marker over the permanent marker…almost like you’re scrubbing with the dry erase marker. Then wipe clean with a cloth. It works for things that are laminated, so it might work with your dry erase calendar. Good luck!


    1. yes, i have done that…i just didn’t want to take the time to navigate through the permanent marker lines of our calendar and the scribble ones.

      maybe i’ll get on it.

      thanks. : )


  2. Here is a cute days of the week song that we sing, the kids love it! You may already know it :)

    Days of the week: (tune of the Adams Family)

    Days of the week (clap, clap)
    Days of the week (clap,clap)
    Days of the week, Days of the week, Days of the week…(clap, clap)

    There’s Sunday and there’s Monday
    There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday
    There’s Thursday and there’s Friday
    And then there’s Saturday



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