t is for (calling all) tires!

we used to have tires in our playground  with designs painted on them.  the kids would stack them, roll them down the hill, etc.  we planted flowers in some of them that lined the sidewalk.  we didn’t take them with us when we moved to the retirement home for our 7 year gig there.

i want tires again.  but this time i want these:

Olivewood Gardens Tire Planters

image from here

so:  if any of you have old tires around, drop them off in the preschool playground.

paint to follow.



26 thoughts on “t is for (calling all) tires!

  1. Your tire arrangement is just beautiful. Love the colors.
    In the spring I am going to redo my flower bed, I am so ready for a
    change. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Used a liner of landscape fabric, filled with a soil mix and planted herbs – they did beautifully!
    What is the danger of byproducts from the rubber tires leaching I to the soil ??


  3. I liked the colors of spray paint so I painted the tires by hand with all purpose primer then spray painted them. They look amazing on our playground!


  4. I was looking for activites to do with old tires when i came across this…I had no idea old tires could look this beautiful!!


  5. We would love to do this on our preschool playground! What kind of prepping did you have to do for the tires and what kind of paint did you use? Thanks, Lisa


  6. This… This I like…

    My girlfriend and I have been planning on a roof garden and are just about to head out to start getting supplies.

    Thanks for this, we’re going to get some tires too…


  7. so glad i stumbled onto this! I just got a bunch of tires to use with my preschool class. The colors and the way you have stacked them are wonderful! Thank you for pinning. Can’t wait till spring!


  8. The chemicals in tires leach toxic compounds into the soil, and eventually our waterways. There is no way I would put a tire anywhere near my children or my plants. Just my two cents.


    1. well, these aren’t our tires (see source link), but when we painted tires, we used regular old house paint….whatever was around.

      i’d ask the source of the picture above what they used too! : )


  9. if you are using them for potatoes, painting them would remove a main reason that works so well to increase production: the heat generated by the black tires soaking up the sun and warming up the soil. however, that said, it’s probably better for flowers to have them painted-so they don’t get Too hot!
    you can get tires from any tire repair/replacement shop. they will usually gladly hand them over because otherwise they have to pay to dispose of them.
    have fun! we got in a small tussle with our city over using tires in our back yard this year, but we were in the end allowed to keep them. now i want to add this new use as well!
    so fun.


    1. i wish i could remember exactly….but i think it was regular house paint samples.

      : )

      i think acrylic would work too.

      really, any paint that doesn’t wash off!



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