p is for (christmas) pajama party!


last week was pajama week!  no letter of the week, just a week for celebrating christmas.  we ended each day with a pajama party with families invited to come watch our songs and stories and games.  with cleaning and moving chairs (and walking on them once they were all lined up), coffee and cookies (thanks to the new creation church community), enjoying three lit advent candles (on our toilet paper roll advent wreath), finding a present from the teachers (modge podge and hot glue ornaments with milk lids, photos, buttons and beads), we had a fun time!





what i think makes it work to do this kind of gig five times in a week is that we don’t “perform” during our “programs.”  there isn’t practicing, simply directions on the spot of where to stand, what to do with the things in hand, which song is next, and mostly a lot of “follow me!”  statements.


we ended each day with the same song, “we wish you a merry christmas.”


but do you know the funny verse?

we fish you a hairy chris-moose

we fish you a hairy chris-moose

we fish you a hairy chris-moose

and a hippo new deer!


we do indeed wish you a merry christmas time.

4 thoughts on “p is for (christmas) pajama party!

    1. i glued a small photo of each child inside a milk lid, then added beads and buttons and ribbon…a little ornament keepsake. it’s the same photo we use for our picture board/cubbies/journals.

      : )



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