l is for lime candycane

when it was L week but also close to christmas, we used lime kool aid to scent the glue for some green candy canes. : )  after gluing on strips of light green paper, they used tiny brushes to paint on the lime glue.


it lost almost all its smell once dry (that surprised me), but during the process it was a lime infused room.



i giggled when i saw these two photos:


this was me making something up on the spot to try to get the attention of the group.  there weren’t interested in moving from work time to project time, so i made up some dramatic story about me buying candy canes thinking they were minty but they were fruity.  hmmm…what fruit flavor could a red one be?  how about an orange one?  what about green?  ooooh, let’s go make a lime scented green one!


to get a group of children hooked in is like a rush.   i love it.


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