r is for rotating toys

i’m not very good at rotating toys….i tend to want to give kids whatever toys they are interested in.  we seldom deny a child’s request for a certain puzzle or for tape or for paint.  but when i choose to save certain toys back and then bring them out, it is impressive.


the trains made an appearance in december.  this is where some friends stayed most of the day. : )  my own micah shared a big basket of his own trains…he’s growing up and out of them.

One thought on “r is for rotating toys

  1. A very big THANK YOU to Micah for giving of his toys so lovingly. I know they are appreciated and will be well-loved at New Creation. I know one little boy in particular who is very pleased to be playing with those trains. It’s one of the ways we can tear him away from playing with his trains at home… the promise of more trains at preschool!
    Thanks for the fun, creative playtime Ms. Kristin and Mr. Rob!



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