m is for martin luther king jr march


first of all, just like in my childhood experiences of peace vigils on friday afternoons,  know that all children had the option not to participate. all children knew they could drop out at any time.  with that being understood, we prepared for a walk towards the nearest busy street a couple of blocks away.


after reading one of our dr. king books the children chose what message they wanted on their sign.



we framed it by asking the children to think of something they liked to do with grown ups or something they don’t want to have happen to them. admittedly, when mr rob put on this year’s theme song in the background, i almost got pretty teary:

don’t hit me
don’t push me
walk with me
share with me
keep the earth clean
don’t be naughty
play with me
be nice
don’t call me names


we pretended that we were walking with the hundreds of thousands of people who walked before, we waved and smiled at passing cars, and in our little town, i think we confused some people.


confusion can be good sometimes.


10 thoughts on “m is for martin luther king jr march

  1. Do you have “praying with our feet” by Lisa Weaver? The best book about peace marches and a community joining together, includes a song Lisa wrote, great pics (Lisa is married to one of Brian Dyck’s brothers). I have a copy somewhere, Peace Connections and Shalom church library have, probably WDC


  2. Hi, pics (and the idea) are great…I always like b & w pics, more graphic. The MLK Jr. book that is in one picture looks great for preks (I teach 4, 5 and an occasional 6 year old.) What is the title?


  3. What an amazing activity. I think abby was so fortunate to be able to be a part of it! I loved seeing the pictures – it made abby’s story of the “march” come alive. Thanks so much!


  4. Of all the amazing posts I’ve been following, this is truly the very best. I’m Gabe’s grandmother and so follow your posts, Kristin. The children in your care are truly blessed. Thank you.



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