p is for pen pals

we’re so excited to have our own pen pals.  ms wendi asked if we’d be interested and i can verify that there is GREAT interest.  no one knew what a pen pal was, so that in itself was fun.  we looked at some photos from their blog one day during p week.

hello, pen pal friends!  we dress up in capes just like you do!

then we acted out going to the postal worker for a stamp after finding the letter with our name on it.  : )

our first pen pal mission:  a GIANT valentine.  stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “p is for pen pals

  1. Hi Kristin

    I am a teacher at a small long day care in Sydney Australia (have a preschool room of 12ish)…. if you are looking for another centre to be penpals with. I would love to do it with you guys

    Let me know


    1. Hi Wendy, I teach a preschool class in Dallas, Texas. We are also looking for pen pals. Are you still teaching in Australia?




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