q is for (4) quarters (equals 1 dollar)

the concept of the day:  4 quarters is the same amount of money as 1 dollar.

i acted out a few scenarios of buying flour (because i wanted a tie in to our book rosie’s walk with that quiet fox) and when the clerk told me my total was one dollar, i gave either a dollar bill or 4 quarters.  thanks to my son i had a whole collection of quarters to show.  next we would glue 4 “quarters” on a “dollar bill.”  this was also a project to practice making small dots of glue with a glue bottle.  my own kindergarten daughter thinks this is a very important school skill.  these photos show how i prep many of our activities.  we usually go to circle time and i explain or demonstrate something first.

to make our quarters more realistically shiny, we added glitter!  the first day the glitter was on the table in a small tub, but i wished for more room.  the next day we put the glitter in our “i spy” table.  hee hee hee.

sparkle and shine.

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