r is for raining hearts

so, this was a project that left almost nothing to the imagination other than the fact that we were still lost in this story:

this simple book remained a favorite days after valentine’s day.  so we made our own trees growing hearts just like the end of the story.  the hearts were scattered around the room for children to go pick up (one or two or three at a time depending on the number i called out) and glue on the tree limbs.

next year i want to do this.  from here:

january blog 012

:: :: :: ::

but our preschoolers did come up with a little big body work of their own while waiting for the trees to dry.

moving the tables apart to move chairs in between them to stand on to reach the paper lanterns. : )

2 thoughts on “r is for raining hearts

  1. We love this book too!! I didn’t think of doing the tree~but there is always next year!
    Thank you for sharing your creative and loving spirit with your group of kids!



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