s is for science shelf


we took the clear cover off the science shelf this week.  this means hands on exploring of the things we’ve just been looking at.



most of what we have here has been given to us.  we are grateful!


i am so glad that the jar that this dead skink who has been in rubbing alcohol for years didn’t break.


these girls were proud to have held a dead bug.


the delicate parts of creatures amaze me.


we added mirrors and magnifying glasses to the corner.  there was a lot of ocean hearing with shells and back scratching with antler horns.

2 thoughts on “s is for science shelf

  1. I love this science shelf! I have the same beetle in my science lab.
    And I recognize those birds at Mr. Norm and Mrs. Vicki’s house. I was there when those birds were there :)
    I bet the preschoolers love the science shelf.



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