s is for snake

with a duct tape snake at circle time, we welcomed cooper,  a real snake, back to the classroom.



after brainstorming some snake habitat facts, we drew pictures.


i guess it had been a while since we drew pictures at the same time with the same goal in mind.  i was amazed at the work.  after drawing their snake habitat, we added a little green duct tape snake.


and trust that i spend quite a bit of time before hand reminding preschoolers of the development of drawing…scribbling is good. and valid. and real.


we also had a fake snake who got to swim in paint and then dance around our paper.

good snake goodness.


5 thoughts on “s is for snake

  1. LOVE the snake habitat drawings. And the “snake prints”.

    Question: how do you tell preschoolers about the development of drawing? My 4yo daughter was very discouraged today because her drawing of a beetle didn’t look like a real beetle.


    1. well, mostly i demonstrate scribbling or unrealistic drawing. they usually giggle or think i’m being silly.

      or i tell them i’m going to show them how another friend drew a tree. then i scribble. then i ask them if they think it looks like a tree. they usually call out, “NOOOO!” then my eyes get wide and i tell them it IS a tree. it is HER tree.

      when i am drawing in front of them, i always remind them that i’ve been drawing for almost 37 years so my brain can draw differently than when i was little like them.

      oh, i’d love to hear more ideas.

      and yes, we still have the heart breaking moments when children won’t draw because they “can’t.” honestly, there was (and is?) a lot of that in me.

      mostly i want them to see what others may call a “bad” drawing and know that it COUNTS as someone’s ART.

      : )



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