t is for two at a time

as i’ve said before, we don’t usually limit the number of kids at a certain area. but oh. my. this flax seed table situation needed something. it was really hard for it to remain constructive (i.e.  in the table). thanks to my friend and co-worker, we emptied the whole thing out only to put it all back within a half hour. i reevaluated my goal (for this to be a calming experience) and determined limiting the number of participants might be the best bet.

w week • preschool - 37

so we did.

w week • preschool - 34w week • preschool - 35

the big flax seed 2 reminds you.  the flax seed label on the chairs remind you.

w week • preschool - 36

there is a sign up board if you want a turn.

ahhhhh, there has been some wonderfully relaxing play!

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