e is for easter

we’ve had quite a good number of easter discussions around here.  while our preschool is a ministry of my church, it isn’t our practice to teach specific theology or doctrine.  we want children to feel the unconditional love and acceptance that we believe god has for us all.  when one preschool friend brought a paper from her local sunday school, i paraphrased the story of christ’s resurrection that was depicted in the paper.  without saying his name, i told the story.  afterward there was an exchange a bit like this:

does anyone recognize that story?  do you know who i’m telling about?

(ideas being called out:)  martin luther king?  someone chris?  a zombie?  

no, actually i’m telling the story of jesus.

jesus was a zombie?!?!?

then on and on with another friend sharing facts on why jesus can’t be a zombie.

on and on.  on and on.  it was a moment i wished i had recorded.


all this to say, i am reminded of the tender development that is happening.  i celebrate the imagination and wondering in young children.  i love the easy faith.  and because of it, i long for us to be careful with these children.  they can be molded and shaped, squashed and pulled apart.  this easter day, look at them as the sign of hope they are.

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