m is for mother’s day

warning:  spoiler alert!  current preschool mamas who haven’t yet opened that brown lunch sack with a rainbow ribbon, you might want to come back after sunday. : )

:: :: :: :: :: ::

mother's day pins - 2

using roughly cut circles from my fabric stash, preschoolers chose 6 different sizes of circles.

mother's day pins - 4

then we used some of these donated stars that already had pins and magnets on the back.  and with me asking for the biggest circle, then the next biggest, then the next biggest and hot glue between each circle, the mother’s day flower was made!  the final touch was mama’s favorite colored pom pom.

mother's day pins - 3

if i still had a preschooler, i’d wear it with pride.

mother's day pins - 1

9 thoughts on “m is for mother’s day

  1. Gustav INSISTED that I open his gift this evening. Very cool! I WILL wear my flower with pride. I’m sure he enjoyed the time he got to spend with you on this project.


  2. Just found you through the Crafty Crow. I was going to do this same thing tomorrow w/ my preschoolers- minus the star and magnet. But I love your idea to use the star and magnet! Great idea and I love the colors too!


  3. What about grandmothers? We’d wear the flower with pride too!
    Great idea and beautiful creations.
    From, Gabe’s Nana


    1. well, i might just have to cut some more circles!

      and i had one little guy INSIST that he was giving one to his dad.

      so, more circles needed!



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