m is for mason jar sippy cups

before things get crazy around here, let me say that i KNOW mason jars are glass.  i KNOW that if dropped the jar will likely break.  i KNOW that a preschooler could get cut on broken glass.  so, use at your own risk.  BUT when my kids were preschoolers they drank out of glass all the time.  we’ve used small mason jars for years.  but i never did this.  and i can’t believe it.  i would have in a second.  i drilled a hole in the lid, pressed down the sharp edges, pushed a strong plastic straw from our camelback water bottles and YES!  no spill!

mason jar sippy cups - 3

mason jar sippy cups - 2

though i missed my chance for little ones, it turns out 13, 9 and 6 isn’t too old for the benefits of a spill proof mason jar.  especially with blue kool aid. especially in our basement with a carpet that is already struggling.

mason jar sippy cups - 5

they loved them.


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