c is for confirmation note

so, if you are enrolled in new creation preschool for 2011-2012,
you should have received a confirmation note like this via email:

if you think you are enrolled and did not receive one of these,
contact me as soon as possible!

(i admit that this is the time of year
when i fear i’ve forgotten someone…
how sad that would be)
:: :: :: :: :: ::
p.s. some of you have asked how these documents are made.
i do them in picnik and find it quite enjoyable.

7 thoughts on “c is for confirmation note

  1. Thank for the heads up about Picknik. I’m loving it! The images look great digitally but when I try to print them out at home only part of the image prints. I’ve tried a few different sizes and the same thing keeps happening. Have you run into this problem? I’d love it if you could clear this up for me. Thanks a bunch! Love your blog :)


    1. hmmmmmm. i haven’t had that problem (yet!).

      i save the image to my computer and then print from there…any chance that’s different from what you do?

      good luck.


  2. Wow, this is adorable! how exactly did you do it on Picknik? The collage function?

    Thanks for sharing your classroom, it never fails to inspire my own!


    1. i found a photo of notebook paper on line. downloaded it to my desktop. uploaded it to picnik. edited it like a photo.

      : )



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