n is for name recognition {at snack time!}

we’ve got a couple of kids with food allergies this year.  one way to help ensure that they eat the food that is safe for them and to take the focus off of their food differences at snack time is to add names to our snack spots.


when preschoolers are off washing hands and filling their own water cups, a teacher writes names on the paper napkins!


this has proved a tricky way of figuring out where to eat snack…it turns out that when we write on paper napkins, the letters can get a little bumpy…and don’t look like they usually do!


: )


by the way, the snacks this year have been wonderful.  families have the option of signing up to bring fruit or vegetables.  bringing extra things (crackers, cookies, pretzels, etc) is optional.  while it is completely wonderful and adequate for families to simply drop off a bunch of bananas or a few cans of green beans, we’ve been relishing the joy of some pretty creative foods.


thank you, thank you, thank you!


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