c is for {playing with real} coffee

get ready, there were two WHY oh WHY oh WHY have we not done this before moments last week.

so, when i realized it was National Coffee Day and it was C week, we painted with left over coffee. we have done that before. back when we were making our treasure maps (AAAARGH!).

i moved one of our real coffee pump pots over so I could easily refill the cups with more coffee. that was fun.  using real coffee mugs for the coffee…funny.


and then…oh mama. stroke of genius number one:  we moved a pump pot of water over for the colored water and marker station.  awesome.  of course!  great idea.

they could refill with clean water, color it, mix it…awesome.


but that pales in comparison to stroke of genius number two:


i watered down the left over coffee (so we had more), got rid of the worn out markers, quickly emptied out a cream container, mixed up some white paint and water and WOOOOO-EEEEEEEE…we had some coffee play props.

what, you’d be afraid that someone might drink it?


someone did. but the paint was non-toxic and she claimed, “don’t worry-i like coffee.”


we had a little school family conversation about the fact that i didn’t make a plan with families to let them drink coffee or paint that day…so no more sips.


these are the moments of my job i love.

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