time to think about 2012-2013

we have a couple of online forms for you to use.  one is our enrollment form and one is a survey to help us discern if we should make our T/TH afternoon class a PreK class.   feedback, please!

note: if you don’t see the forms below, refresh the page and they should appear!


3 thoughts on “time to think about 2012-2013

  1. Hi Kristin, I have been thinking of doing this too with my group but haven’t decided yet. I appreciate the comment above. I have evereyone mixed two days a week and on the third day, only prek and I can tell a huge difference in what I can get accomplished with my prek when I separate them from the threes. Hate to say it but I really do. But now I still can’t decide what to do for next year. Still giving it some thought!


  2. Kristin…Of course, I am not one of your student’s parents, but I thought I’d tell you how splitting up the age groups has worked for us at our school. We made the changes for this school year. I have all of the 3 year olds and the teacher next door has all of the 4 year olds that will go to kindergarten next year. I has been a wonderful change! The one thing I was worried about was losing the leadership and example that the older kids give the younger ones. The awesome thing about having all 3’s is that the “older by just a few months” 3’s show tremendous leadership skills that I don’t think they would’ve ever shown if they were in the same room as the 4’s. This split also allows us to focus on those skills specific to 3’s and 4’s. We have really enjoyed the split. I can’t imagine ever going back to doing it the other way. Just thought I’d give you my 2 cents! I still really enjoy your blog and I think you’re doing some amazing things in your classroom.



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