i is for if

if i’d had my camera with me, i would have taken pictures of the 13 little bodies following me down the slushy sidewalk.  having just left the chaos of passing out valentines, we were airing out.

if i had my camera, i would have taken pictures of them walking balance beam style on the parking lot curb behind me, arms out to balance themselves.

if i had my camera, i would have taken pictures of the 2 inch deep handprints we could make in that slushy goodness.

if i had my camera, i would have taken pictures of the ridiculously cooperative feat of making a snow baby.  she’s sleeping in the freezer now.

but the picture i want most is of the moment we paused in the sun.  that winter sun that is so penetrating it seems to dull all other noises.  i closed my eyes and whispered gratitude for it.  with the 13 little ones close enough that i could hear them breathing and  that their feet were still, i kept my eyes closed for a moment longer.

then i opened my eyes to see many of their eyes closed too, red cheeked faces turned towards the sun, in a small town, in the middle of it all.

that’s what i wish i had a picture of.



6 thoughts on “i is for if

  1. Kristin, you don’t need the camera for that picture. It’s forever in your heart, the best place to keep precious pictures.
    I’m still enjoying reading all the school news. Thank you so much for keeping us all in the know! Love, Gabe and Norah’s Nana – Kathy Albers


  2. Such a beautiful image. It is so important to take those moments to breath and relish the moment. I didn’t get to do that today, darnit. After cookie decorations, cookie cake, and and cookie sculptor (kidding) the boys were slightly charged with enthusiasm….



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