p is for {biodegradable} packing pellets

packing pellet p project

we were gifted a couple of big boxes of these babies.  one activity was gluing them on a precut P shaped paper.

packing pellet p project

and by using pink paper, we accomplished a quintuple p project: PINK PUFFY PACKING PELLET P

packing pellet p project

{puzzle on the table is merely there as an observer, not as a participant}

packing pellet p project

after everyone got a chance for the pink puffy packing pellet p, we squished them, we tasted them {yes, we did, and some kids liked them as much as popcorn…don’t worry, we cut them off}, we added water to them, we checked to see if they’d float, and eventually we saw how fast we could make them nearly disappear.

biodegradable packing pellets


biodegradable packing pellets

it was SO SLIMY!

biodegradable packing pelletsbiodegradable packing pellets

and how interesting it was to find a few true styrofoam pieces.

biodegradable packing pellets

you can bet we’ll talk about this next month for our earth day conversations!


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