g is for green eggs and ham

this feels like a moment as a mom when you forget to record a first word, step, or a cute phrase.  when all those sweet things happen and aren’t recorded.  i’m finding photo after photo of fun stuff from days gone by.  enjoy the trip back down memory lane…

like the time we made green eggs and ham.

cat in the hat

cat in the hat

we sat in the kitchen, cracked the eggs, turned them green, cooked up the ham, and then mr matt and i tag teamed the cooking/handwashing/table setting dance…and we had green eggs and ham!

cat in the hat

happy birthday, dr. suess!

:: :: :: ::

updated:  these kids loved the eggs…our secret ingredients along with the salt and pepper were a dash of dill and onion powder.  mmmmmmmm!

One thought on “g is for green eggs and ham

  1. How fun?! YOU”RE MISS KRISTIN! The Duerksen kids’ preschool teacher! :) I’ve read Megan’s blog for years and whenever she showed pictures from your classroom I would pore over every detail. We homeschool our 5 children, and right now I have preK4 through 5th grade. But, preschool is my FAVORITE. I love seeing the ideas you’ve shared here. You have such an obvious love for what you do and who you do it for! :)

    Well done!

    btw, Ashley Ann Campbell (Under the Sycamore) linked to you today. That was how I came across your blog.



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