a is for april fool’s day round up

well, we’ll be a couple of days late, but we’ll still do some of these tried and true pranks:


a little glue-as-milk-bowl-of-cheerios started the day.

april fools day cheerios and glue

then a fake ponytail and huge paperclip earrings to preschool


there were bologna and peas waiting at the play-doh table (funny).

april fool's preschool style

the letter of the week turned back to A (funny).

april fool's preschool style by you.

the calendar and the music said it was christmas again (funny).

april fool's preschool style

the paint was edible (but i didn’t tell them that at first. instead i pretended the only funny thing was that we were going to finger paint. then i suddenly licked the paint! oh, wide eyes).


april fool's preschool style by you.

painting with pudding

april fool's preschool style by you.april fool's preschool style

there were fake moustaches (funny)…really these are just strips of fake fur with a roll of masking tape.

april fool's preschool styleapril fool's preschool styleapril fool's preschool style

but the best joke of all was the coffee cream in the cleaned out glue container (funny!!!).

april fool's preschool style by you.


the best april fool’s joke yet.

i washed and filled a glue bottle with cream…then added it to my coffee while preschoolers were watching…hee hee hee.

drinking glue?


jello in a cup with a straw.  sneaky.

then i turned our school snack silly.

want some french fries?

oh, they don’t look cooked well enough?

well, that’s because they are apples peeled and cut to look like french fries and caramel dyed red.


april fools • preschool - 01

well, friends, it’s nice that corey brought us grilled cheese sandwiches for snack today.  i’m sorry that all our cups are missing so i guess you’ll just have to have glue to drink.  april fools!  it’s milk-NOT glue!

april fools • preschool - 06

and april fools again…it’s CAKE AND FROSTING not GRILLED CHEESE!

april fools • preschool - 05

april fools • preschool - 04

there were quite a few refills…and quite a few drooping eyelids as they drank bottle style for the first time at preschool.

april fools • preschool - 03april fools • preschool - 02

:: :: :: :: :: ::

april fools • preschool - 07

hey, friends, we’re going to do some finger painting for group time today.  we’ll use these plates because they are nice and sturdy.  it sure is a nice blue color, isn’t it?  let me check something…..(then i dipped my finger in the paint and tasted it…oh WIDE eyes!)

april fools • preschool - 08

april fool’s!  it’s pudding NOT paint!

april fools • preschool - 09april fools • preschool - 10

the perfect place for letter writing, scribble making, yummy finger painting.

april fools • preschool - 11

:: :: :: :: ::

get ready, get set, we’ll do some more tricks this week!  and it seems that the best ones get repeated.  but that’s fun too (as i learned tonight at home from my youngest daughter…oops).

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