m is for man preschool teachers

so, if you are male teaching at our preschool you have been determined to be “like a dad to all the kids in the school even if we don’t know each other and that is because you are a man.”


and if you leave to go do your student teaching in the big school and come back for a surprise visit, you will be very warmly welcomed.

man teachers

man teachers

man teachers

man teachers

and if you are the other man teacher who has a expressive moustache, then you will become an inspiration for dress up.

man teachers

thank you, jane and fiona’s daddy for bringing us all “mr. matt moustaches.”

man teachers

also included were name tags for each of us:  “Hello, I’m Mr. Matt.”

man oh man, we have a good time.

5 thoughts on “m is for man preschool teachers

  1. we have a men in child care facebook group. i hope that you will look for us. we have men and women advocates for men in ece from as far away as new zealand!


  2. Something is going suspiciously right in that New Creation place. (In the Garrett household, we continue to assert our “Mr. Matt” identities and talk about Mr. Rob’s surprise visit.)


  3. Fabulous glimpse into the world of pre-school teachers! Way to go Mr Matt, and Kristin! Love love love the mustache photo. One of my first graders once dressed as me for her HALLOWEEN costume! She wore white sox and Keds, an A-line skirt, long dangly earrings, and my signature ocarina on a string around her neck. I recognized her/me right away :-) That was back in the 80s.


  4. Once a teacher told a group of kids to pretend they were Mr. Scott (me). They all put their index fingers under their noses to be my mustache.

    I loved this post!



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