j is for journals…done!

journals :: done!

it gets a little crazy in the second week of may.  this year i printed off 897 photos.  then there is the sorting and the gluing and the stapling to assemble the finished product (this year, in an effort to save money we didn’t buy the composition notebooks like in the past). thanks to ms vicki, we had a heavy duty stapler to go through all the papers of a year!  and then a little duct tape to hide those super staples.

then during the last week of school there was this message where our name tags usually are.  hmmmmm. then at circle time there was the ritual of cutting apart our picture card.  there are audible gasps as i make the first cut into our school family cards.  but, the year is over and we’ll use the pictures in our journals.

journals :: done!

journals :: done!

what a strange day:  no glue allowed?  band aids on paper?  what?  we had quite a few extra individual photos left over so some preschoolers created “yearbook” type pages with photos of friends.  or, as one child said, “i’m putting this girl’s picture in here because i don’t know her but i wish i did.”

journals :: done!journals :: done!journals :: done!journals :: done!journals :: done!

the “oh, i remember that!” and “i did that?” and “oh yeah!” bring me joy.

journals :: done!

and then this is it.  one year bound together.  each page touched by at least one teacher.  a tangible prayer for joy and safety and calm and freedom and dignity and hope.

journals :: done!

sweet children, as you file through paper memories, may this be your truth:

it already seems like a lifetime ago!

6 thoughts on “j is for journals…done!

  1. My grandaughter went to a co-op preschool. When it was your turn to be the helping parent ( or grandparent) you were asked to bring a camera, and give some of the photos to the school. Near the end of the year there was a yearbook party for the adults.We were given a stack of photos of our kids, a few examples of our kids’ work and lots of construction paper and embellishments and we assembled a yearbook for our child. Some parents couldn’t come, so folks who finished early were asked to do the ones for those kids. It was a great evening and a nice way to get to know the adults.


  2. love, love, love these journals! i thought i loved your composition book journals but i think these are even better!


  3. what a special tradition! (I love the little one’s comment that she didn’t know the girl in the picture but wished she did!)



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