b is for bethel college visitors

bethel college visitors

our thursday afternoon class had the joy of welcoming some visitors from bethel college‘s public speaking class.

bethel college visitors

bethel college visitors

they came to read to us.

bethel college visitors

how wonderful to have such a wholesome experience from some new grown ups.

bethel college visitorsbethel college visitorsbethel college visitors

then there was a little bit of time to play with play dough together.

bethel college visitors

bethel college visitors

thank you, bethel college friends!  go threshers!

bethel college visitors

rumor has it, a couple of preschoolers have seen some of you around town. don’t be surprised by a little friend saying hello.

3 thoughts on “b is for bethel college visitors

  1. Love this idea. Our pre-K class had a few college students working PT over the summer, many who had an interest in teaching. We let the Pre-K children ask them anything they wanted about college one morning in a circle-time setting. Their questions were both insightful and funny. As an ECE teacher, I have always promoted going to college after going to elementary, then “big school”. I hope to plant the higher education seed early.



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