f is for funny

oh boy, this halloween week is funny.  and not JUST because it is f week.  we’re dressing up, making funny projects, eating funny things, singing funny songs…

all of it may be as funny as this:

this is a giant t-shirt donated to us that we stuffed with all the extra pieces from our cape making.  the preschoolers quickly named it “big daddy.”  he is heavy and seems to have the effect of a weighted blanket, so there is a lot of lugging this thing around and on top of each other.  but this also means that things like, “big daddy get off of me!” and “oh, big daddy you are so big!” and “i’m sitting on you now, big daddy!” are heard.

so, families:  if you have heard of big daddy, trust that it is merely a t-shirt stuffed with cut up t-shirts.

but you should try to lift him sometime.  he IS heavy.  and funny.


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