c is for christmas box game

well, our beloved water heater box became a tunnel and then moved to the recycling bin.

box playbox playbox playbox playbox play

good thing we had another box to wrap. lots of tape and gifted wrapping paper were used to hide “every bit of box.”

box play

then we played this game:

one child (or teacher!) hides in the box…

everyone else walks around the box…

box play

we sing this song:
(to the tune of “all around the mulberry bush”)
all around the christmas box
who could it be?
it’s almost time to find out
when we count to three:

box play

then we stop walking and count

box play

box play

and then the box child pops out and general cheering ensues!

box play

box play

it never mattered that we knew who was in the box…still exciting!

enjoy this horrible quality movie:


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