i is for ice play

it was i week and that meant days of ice play.

ice play

getting a 10 pound chunk of ice out of the bag “was hard because one time the plastic stuck to the ice and it is frozen together.”

ice play

adding primary colors of food coloring “made green because it works in ice and not just with paint.”

ice play

scissors were a great tool for jabbing in then twisting to make tunnels “because it hurts to do that with your fingers.”

ice play

adding salt “did something about how it turned to water.”

ice play

and yes, those are scissors being used as pokers.  the phrase “situational awareness” is offered a lot at our school, but especially this week!  i was a bit uncomfortable with the scissor stabbing ice, but it proved constructive and just dangerous enough to bring calm.

ice play

watch where your friends’ bodies are, watch where your friends’ scissors are, think about where you are poking, think about where you are putting your hand, etc.

ice play

no injuries!  amazing!

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