p is for pizza

we’ve made pizza projects before, but never quite like this:

p is for pizza

this was the first year i added italian seasoning to a red paint + yellow paint + glue mixture.

p is for pizza

we spread the sauce with the back of a spoon-not a paint brush!

p is for pizza

we sprinkled paper cheese.

p is for pizza

the next day when our pizzas were all “baked” (dried), we cut them, counted our pieces and glued them down!

p is for pizza

and like other years, we welcomed uncle moishy into our classroom:

p is for pizza

uncle moishy sings about manners so we did some “what does it mean to be polite?” talking.  good times.

3 thoughts on “p is for pizza

  1. I do a similar paper plate pizza, then paint with glue and sprinkle oregano or italian seasoning. They smell de-lish!



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