g is for graduation

preschool grad 12-13

it was only a few days ago, but it feels like a year ago!

preschool grad 12-13

our whole preschool is invited to come to the end-of-the-year-celebration-and-graduation (also known as the “popsicle party” because of the popsicle pot luck we have afterwards). it’s a standing room only, hard (impossible) to see your child, hot and chaotic, child focused event. i’m grateful for the grace extended by those who come to watch.

preschool grad 12-13

here’s the thing. i think programs like this are totally age and developmentally inappropriate. they can be intimidating, overwhelming, confusing. i get this. so we infuse a lot of humor in hopes that laughing will switch our brains to a more calm place. we don’t practice or offer rewards for participating. instead, i pour myself into hoping children feel safe enough to be there. and if they don’t, then praise all that there is that they don’t have to do it!

preschool grad 12-13

we had whistle candy (so that was tricky….we blew the whistles while we walked in and then we ATE them while the families watched us!), we had kazoos (since we are a band after all…we have practice almost every day), we sang the alphabet song the “preschool way” (when we get to the letter P, we say it two times…so it sounds like we’re talking about pee pee), we sang the alphabet song the “kindergarten way” (only one P), i tried to trick them several times with things, and the song that won our school vote was tom, tom the leprechaun (the one where we get to sing about giving him back his underwear!).

before the pre-k friends graduated, we had a special graduate.  ms. erin comes to our classroom every week from the high school. she is a seasoned teacher already, sensing the needs of little ones around her, setting boundaries and inviting play. she graduates from high school this week!  and what’s even more fun:  she was a preschooler here herself (the following photos are from 1995):

preschool 1995

preschool grad 12-13

and years later we continue on!

preschool grad 12-13preschool grad 12-13preschool grad 12-13preschool grad 12-13

sweet babies, whether you are coming back or moving on, may you always feel the warmth of sun and know you are loved.

preschool grad 12-13

(thank you, families, for the photo reminders of this night!)



2 thoughts on “g is for graduation

  1. Cool. I loved Photography. G is for Graduates and all graduates are cute. Enjoyed reading and watching pics. I also enjoyed my Preschool life like this. Its reminding me about my childhood.

    Thanks for posting.



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