f is for fine line

20130922-211828.jpgi understand the automatic response to seeing a child draw with markers and smash cars on play dough.

it makes sense to me that a teacher may suggest using the markers on paper, the cars on the rug and other tools with the play dough. but the children who did this in my classroom last week were so constructive and focused, brand new to our classroom, using items that were stored only a few feet apart…so i let it happen. when other children questioned it, i explained that this play dough and markers could go together and that other times we would have play dough and markers that won’t go together. i explained that it works to use the cars in the play dough today and other days they will be other places.
there is a fine squiggly and often changing line between order and rules and respecting property and free expression and the blissful innocence.

and i want them to get it all.

One thought on “f is for fine line

  1. Lucky kids enrolled in your program! Too many teachers stress over rule-making and rule-following. Yes, rules are necessary, but so is the freedom to explore and discovery sometimes too.



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