c is for climb

i wonder where you can climb?20131007-213349.jpghonestly, there were places climbed that i didn’t think would be. 20131007-213254.jpgand no injuries! the patience these classes have with each other and themselves has a lot to do with it, i think. the joy filled motivation is clear. 20131007-213338.jpg20131007-213323.jpg20131007-213315.jpg20131007-213733.jpgwatching children use their bodies as they know they can is cool.20131007-213304.jpgclimb, children, climb!20131007-214210.jpg

2 thoughts on “c is for climb

  1. Thank you …. I have always enjoyed your blogs but today they warmed my heart. One of my sons is 7 and special needs. His school calls his climbing life threatening and have sent him home because of it …. It is nothing more then your pictures here…. The kids in your care are very lucky


    1. thanks for writing, reta. i understand the desire for safety, the overwhelming task of caring for groups of children and their varying needs. i also understand that one of a child’s needs is to explore and test his/her own limits. when those children were climbing on top of the play house, we were there to catch them.

      it seems like you know your child’s need for climbing…how wonderful for him.

      thank you again. courage and peace to you.



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