d is for directions

20131017-213208.jpgwhat I intended to be a friendly direction could have translated into feelings of inadequacy. I know I have the ability to project, to imagine the worst, to create stories before they happen, but as I taped up my first sign, “cut on the lines,” I could easily imagine a large number of children who wouldn’t be able to actually cut on the lines. and it’s not what I meant anyway….I wasn’t asking each child to cut on the line, I was inviting each child to practice cutting on the lines. 20131017-213956.jpgthis is so this is how I teach. projecting, imagining, creating, changing course… all in hopes of empowering and saving dignity…

3 thoughts on “d is for directions

  1. You are really so kind and respectful of children. Your ideas and implementations get into my soul. I know that might sound hokey but I take young children so seriously and when I see someone else who does also I feel so validated. Thank you.



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