t is for thanksgiving

we took the week to celebrate the feasting elements of thanksgiving.
and since it was i week, we talked a lot about ingredients.
– – – – – – –20131201-214659.jpg

– – – – – –

we made play dough pie crusts…a new kind each day. 20131201-214505.jpg
and wow, what to do when it’s too wet? add a dry ingredient! too dry? add a wet ingredient! 20131201-214514.jpg
this corner of our room brought more constructive play than anything I’ve ever had going on. what a joy. 20131201-214530.jpg(the mixer was actually used to make the play dough and then unplugged. after conversations about electrical appliance safety, what to do when you see a machine like this at home or somewhere else, etc, it was used for make believe.)20131201-214540.jpg– – – – – – – – – –

we made turkeys too…using paper painted the week before, the shapes were layered and glued in all sorts of ways. I wish I would have taken more photos!




– – – – –20131201-215552.jpgwe mixed spices (ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg) and sprinkled them on a paper pie covered with glue. the next days the glue had dried (i mean, the pies baked all the way on our family corner stove top) and we could do some fraction work by cutting the pies apart!


– – – – – – –
thankful and grateful and living in the moment…20131201-214615.jpg


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