e is for elf on the shelf

20131205-194034.jpgoh, the elf on the shelf. the great fad, the commercialism, the bandwagon, the misleading antics…well, here’s how I think of it: like tom, tom the leprechaun. a sneaky, clever, well-meaning, magical creature (and I think I have the most fun in the whole thing…).

I mean, this tricky friend turns into a doll every time we’re around. he must have been alive when we were gone or else how could he have made himself a duct tape swing? and he was obviously running around our room the day he spilled my coffee. so, we’ll keep his shelf ready for him, even though he’s never been there so far! oh, buddy, you’re a tricky friend. 20131205-194044.jpgthe treasure of conversation he has initiated alongside our j is for baby jesus theme is precious. as I posted on facebook this week:
20131205-195207.jpgsacred. I learn every day myself.


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