c is for candles in the classroom

20140827-085420.jpgI bought 8 of these flameless candles for the classroom, imagining how cozy snack time and story time and block building and boat riding and drawing could be with a little glow.
20140827-085209.jpgI’ve decided to keep the “try me” wiring for awhile and have them in the science corner. I taped them to a long board from the block corner and we’re set. 20140827-090848.jpg
fun. fun. fun.

my job saves me.

2 thoughts on “c is for candles in the classroom

  1. Really nice idea! Kids can get so curious about the things that they don’t usually see in their regular environment. These candles may look ordinary in the eyes of adults but not for a child. Glad that they are safe for kids. I want to try that too. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love these! I have them in my classroom, too. The kids like to turn off the lights and play ‘fancy restaurant.’



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