y is for yellow week


a short week gave us a chance to experience our color of the month, yellow!

– – – – – – –


we painted and used glitter.
we cut yellow paint samples after determining that regardless of different shades,
they could all be called yellow!
after cutting the paint samples and the paint was dry from the day before,
golden suns were created!


– – – – – – –

we hid in our cozy corner under a golden yellow light
( I put “bug lights” in our area lamps to give a warm glow).


– – – – – –


one of our yellow pieces of cloth became
the yellow magic cloth that we pulled each other around on
(tables pushed aside a bit for the week).


– – – – – –

the lite brite came out with the yellow pieces in the starring role.


– – – – – –

thankful for a donated sit n spin we got to work on our coordination.


– – – – – –


we worked on mixing yellow with blue
and yellow with red after some predicting of what would happen.
as I poured the paint into baggies with a slider
rather than the regular ziplock seal, I wondered how it would work.
the bag of red and yellow made it half way
around the circle before it exploded!
wow! exciting!
after cleaning up we read a preschool favorite book:
little blue and little yellow

– – – – – –


 and we ended our day in a yellow haze
with a yellow display of show and tell items.


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